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Ciro Mattia Gonano

I am a free prince, and I have as much authority to make war on the whole world as he who has a hundred sail of ships at sea and an army of 100,000 men in the field.

– Samuel Bellamy, pirate on the Antillae in the 18th century

A Kaleidoscopic Personality

Usually auto-defining oneself reveals to be a terrible task, sinking either in false modesty or auto-celebration.
I’ll try, anyway: I’m basically a curious person, interested in nearly anything one can imagine and enthusiast in everything that’s new to my eyes. My spirit could be named kaleidoscopic, sort of.
Likewise, sadly most of my passions are really ephemeral, and only the strongest ones usually keep buzzing around me. It’s a sort of natural selection, I think.
Three among the longest-living ones are photography, technology and theatre, which is what this site is mainly for.

In Italian there are two different words to translate “professional”: professional as in job and professional as in act. I usually say that I do professional but I am not a professional. I use to think that passions should not become jobs unless you’re really free in selecting which works to accept, so I try to define myself like an amateur, and I try to do like a pro.

Enjoy your stay!


The roots of my theatre career are to be searched in my love for role-playing games and for storytelling.

I love everything about theatre. Spoken words, moving bodies, the lighting, the soundtrack, the dust on the curtain, everything. Being an actor, a director and a lighting designer I could not hate every little detail of this wonderful art.
Theatre is a great way to communicate with people, to make them feel emotions, to free the butterflies in their stomach.


Since my first box of Lego® i knew technology would be part of my life.
I started my digital life with my Commodore 64, juggling from PEEK to POKE and other thing I fully understood only many years later.

Currently involved in developing PHP web applications for nearly 10 years, I did recently deepen my knowledge of Python writing Kindle Comic Converter, a little application to convert plain CBZ/CBR comic packages for consuming them on e-Ink devices.

I’m also spending some my (non) free time playing with microcontrollers like Arduino, wondering where the Internet of Things can bring us all.


Passion for photography is a welcome heritage from my father’s shots (lot of which in reversal film) I did see since my childhood.
As I could (economically) stand by my own legs I did manage to get my first digital camera, a tiny compact one, and since then I get deeper and deeper into photography with books, courses, getting a reflex and shooting, shooting, shooting.

At the moment I’m back into the film world with a full-mechanic Nikon FM2 for 35mm and a Rolleiflex Xenotar for MF. I shot mainly black and white for I really like developing and printing by my own, still experimenting and improving the craft.

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